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ogr_utils 1.1

conveniance utilities for ogr

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 1.2

ogr_utils is a small wrapper around the GDAL/ogr module. Basically it is an abstraction layer that adds some convience to reading, writing and manipulating geographic data formats. It provides three modules: geometry, research and copy_helper.

Important! Obviously GDAL is required. As installation can be troublesome it is not including as a requirement in this distribution. Please install manually.

Example one. Save a layer based on a query to a new shapefile:

#!/usr/bin/env python

from ogr_utils.copy_helper import CopyHelper
c = CopyHelper()
f = '/home/.../border_segs.shp'
shp =ogr.Open(f,0)
lyr = shp.GetLayer()
>>> 13411
lyr_sel = shp.ExecuteSQL("select * from 'border_segs' where 'FID' < 100 ")
>>> 100

Example two. Save a set of geo objects to a shapefile (or any other file format supported by ogr):

#!/usr/bin/env python

from ogr_utils.geometry import Geometry
g = Geometry( [(xy),], [(fieldname_1, type),(fieldname_2, type),], [(value_field_1,...),(value_field_2,...)] )
f = '/home/.../outfile.shp'

Example three. Get the geomtry of an evelope by it’s lower left and upper right corner:

#!/usr/bin/env python

from ogr_utils.research import Research
prof = Research()
xy1 = (4.84692,52.3706)
xy2 = (4.84397,52.36611)
bb = prof.get_bounding_box( [xy1,xy2] )
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