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oldowan.mitotype 1.0.1

Utilities to identify human mtDNA haplotypes.

oldowan.mitotype is a set of utilities to haplotype human mtDNA sequences.

Installation Instructions

This package is pure Python and has no dependencies outside of the standard library. The easist way to install is using easy_install from the setuptools package. This usually goes something like this:

$ easy_install oldowan.mitotype

or on a unix-like system, assuming you are installing to the main Python site-packages directory as a non-privileged user, this:

$ sudo easy_install oldowan.mitotype

You may also use the standard python distutils setup method. Download the current source archive from the file list towards the bottom of this page, unarchive it, and install. On Mac OS X and many other unix-like systems, having downloaded the archive and changed to the directory containing this archive in your shell, this might go something like:

$ tar xvzf oldowan.mitotype*
$ cd oldowan.mitotype*
$ python install

Quick Start


Release History

TODO (August 16, 2008)
initial release of module.
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
oldowan.mitotype-1.0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2010-10-11 202KB