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omg 0.3.1

OMG music manager and player


OMG is a sophisticated music manager that helps you to organize, browse and play your digital music collection.

More information can be found on OMG's website

OMG is copyright of Martin Altmayer <> and Michael Helmling <> and licensed under the GPL v3 (confer the file COPYING).



# easy_install3 omg

If you want to install OMG as normal user inside your home directory, run

$ easy_install3 --user omg

The exact name of the "easy_install for python3" executable may differ on your system. If you have pip, you can also use that.


To contribute in development, get the current HEAD from the git repository:

git clone git://

In order to get a working copy of the current development status, use the command

python develop --user

which will install an Egg-link inside your ~/.local/lib/python3.x folder, pointing to the git checkout. If you use the "develop" mode instead in some directory which is not in your normal PYTHONPATH, e.g.

python develop -d ~/python-stage

you can simultaneously work with an installed version of OMG.


OMG uses a patched version of python-mpd2 ( by J. Thalheim <>

OMG uses icons from the following software / free icon sets: Tango released as public domain. Silk by Mark James licensed under CC BY 3.0. Fugue Icons by Yusuke Kamiyamane licensed under CC BY 3.0. Amarok licensed under GPL v3.

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