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dynamic display of video files

Latest Version: 0.2.2


This product adds a “Video” content type with the following features:

  • For each video, some metadata, like author and date of recording, are collected.
  • The videos themselves are served off the bare file system. The product itself contains only sort of pointers to video files.
  • The user should be able to view the file in a number of formats, resolutions etc., and to download the videos.
  • Conversion of videos from one format to another is outside the scope of this product.
  • Access control to the actual video files is outside the scope of this product. Only the metadata, as defined in this product’s schema, will be workflowed.
  • The product will determine, at run time, the available formats for a given video, and offer the user only these for viewing or download.
  • The product aims to offer access to said videos for as many client environments as possible.
  • The product makes use of flowplayer (

Each video requires a “metadata” file which adheres to the following structure:

First line: Column 1: “thumbnail” Column 2: filename for the thumbnail, if any Second line: Column 1: “playing time” Column 2: time spec (HH:MM:SS) Third line: Column 1: “selected” Column 2: file name of the video that is to be played in the browser Fourth line: Column 1: “default size” Column 2: size specification in width x height, eg. “500x300” Remaining lines: Column 1: resolution and format, eg. “640x480, OGV” Column 2: complete file name (without directories)


1.0dev (unreleased)

  • Initial release
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