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onedrive-d 0.6

A Microsoft OneDrive daemon written in Python


**This is the Working-in-Progress branch which is under serious reconstruction.**

This project intends to develop an OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) daemon on (X)ubuntu written in Python.

The program is a higher-level abstraction of the project `python-skydrive` ( by Mike Kazantsev.

Besides the `python-skydrive` base, there are a few major components in the project:

* **DirScanner** scans the differences between the local and remote `dir`s, and merges them if needed
* It does not delete files.
* May undo file deletion or mess up the repo. But by far we prefer the safest approach.
* **TaskWorker**
* It executes the tasks issued by DirScanner objects
* and waits to handle new tasks
* **Tasks** are wrapped as objects
* **LocalMonitor**
* It forks a `inotifywait` process to monitor the OneDrive local repository.
* and issue tasks for TaskWorkers to perform if there are any changes detected.
* **RemoteMonitor**
* Periodically gets the most recently changed files from OneDrive server _(planned)_
* more at
* **Linux Service**
* A script that binds the python program to init.d
* uses `start-stop-daemon` as the service interface _(planned)_


* (April 1, 2014, by XB) The program in `wip` branch is now functional. More tests and polishments are needed.

* (Mar 30, 2014, by XB) If you encountered an `ImportError` when python imports `PoolManager()`, please use the `` in **wip** branch which patched the problem for now.
* Update `python-requests` package can also solve the problem.
* The issue is tracked at

__The file is to be rewritten.__

Execute the command: `sudo ./` to install the daemon.

Please visit:

Xiangyu Bu ( or drop me email: xybu92(at)