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onegov.applications 2017.7.3

Meta-package containing all OneGov Cloud applications.

Latest Version: 2018.2.12

Read the docs to find out what constitutes a OneGov Cloud application.

The resulting onegov.applications package in PyPI can be used to install all OneGov applications in one sweep, with the guarantee that all of them were tested with the same set of dependencies.

That is the meta-package serves as a known good set of dependencies. As such it allows for applications to be run in the same process using onegov.server.

Unlike other OneGov applications this package does not use Semantic Versioning, instead opting for a simple year + build number scheme. For example:

- 2017.1
- 2017.2
- 2017.14
- 2018.1

Before this package is released all contained applications are tested using their respective unit/integration tests. For this the latest release of each application is acquired. Therefore each application should be released separately first, before being included in onegov.applications.

Create a New Release

To create a new release for onegov.applications simply run the following commands in the repository’s folder:

pip install
punch --action build

git push
git push --tags

Add a New Application

To add a new application edit the application.json file in the onegov/applications folder. It will then automatically be included in the build.

In addition, each application has to be added to the .travis.yml build matrix.

Run the Tests

Install tox and run it:

pip install tox

Limit the tests to a specific python version:

tox -e py27


Onegov Applications follows PEP8 as close as possible. To test for it run:

tox -e pep8

Build Status

Latest PyPI Release


onegov.applications is released under GPLv2


This package does not contain a changelog by itself as it merely acts as a meta-package for OneGov Cloud applications. To list the changes made to these applications have a look at the individual application releases.

To find out which application releases were included in a onegov.applications release have a look at the requirements.txt on GitHub:

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
onegov.applications-2017.7.3-py3-none-any.whl (md5) Python Wheel py3 2017-07-17 7KB
onegov.applications-2017.7.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-07-17 5KB