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openbadges_bakery 1.0.0b4

A python utility for baking and extracting Open Badges metadata from images.

This package contains the utilities needed to “bake” Open Badges metadata into PNG or SVG image files or extract (‘unbake’) metada from such images.

This Open Badges Bakery is produced by Concentric Sky.



pip install openbadges_bakery

Command Line Interface

There is a command line interface for baking and unbaking assertion data.

To bake a badge, identify the existing BadgeClass image with the input_filename and desired baked Assertion image filename to be created as well as the data to be baked into the image.

bakery bake [input_filename] [output_filename] --data='{"data": "data"}'

To extract Open Badges data from an image, use the unbake command.

bakery unbake [input_filename]

Output_filename is optional if you want the baked data to be written to a file.

bakery unbake [input_filename] [output_filename]

Python Interface

The bake and unbake functions are available when installed as a python module

To bake a badge, pass in an open file as input_file and the string of the badge data you wish to bake into the image. Result is an open TemporaryFile that contains the data.

from openbadges_bakery import bake
output_file = bake(input_file, assertion_json_string)

To unbake a badge, pass in an open file as input_file:

from openbadges_bakery import unbake
output_file = unbake(input_file)
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