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openerp-account-analytic-plans 7.0.406

Multiple Analytic Plans

Here multiple analytic lines are created when the invoice or the entries are confirmed.

For example, you can define the following analytic structure:

  • Projects
    • Project 1
      • SubProj 1.1
      • SubProj 1.2
    • Project 2

  • Salesman
    • Eric
    • Fabien

Here, we have two plans: Projects and Salesman. An invoice line must be able to write analytic entries in the 2 plans: SubProj 1.1 and Fabien. The amount can also be split.

The following example is for an invoice that touches the two subprojects and assigned to one salesman:


  • SubProject 1.1 : 50%
  • SubProject 1.2 : 50%
Eric: 100%

So when this line of invoice will be confirmed, it will generate 3 analytic lines,for one account entry.

The analytic plan validates the minimum and maximum percentage at the time of creation of distribution models.

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