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openerp-client-etl 1.1.1

OpenERP ETL Client allows to extract, transform and load data from any data source.

The OpenERP ETL Client Library is a Python library to extract transform and load dato from any data source to OpenERP Server in an user-friendly way. To use this library you need install etl community module on a OpenERP instance.

The OpenERP ETL Client Library is officially supported by Cubic ERP S.A.C.

To consult the source code repository, report bugs or ask questions, see the Public Branch of Cubic ERP:

To hire support contract and profesional services contact to us at

OpenERP ETL Client Library Guide

First install the library:

sudo easy_install openerp-client-etl

Now you can run the ready jobs defined on OpenERP using the following script:

import openerpetl'localhost', port=8069, database='test', login='admin', password='admin')
# will print "Finish etl_cron" when finish the jobs execution

This script will be used on a programed cron task execution or as comand line script in order to ensure the correct execution of ETL jobs defined on OpenERP GUI.


  • 1.1
  • XML-RPC: OpenERP version 6.1 and superior
  • JSON-RPC: OpenERP version 8.0 (upcoming) and superior


  • 1.1.1:
  • Updated documentation
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