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openerp-l10n-be-invoice-bba 7.0.406

Belgium - Structured Communication

  • Rename ‘reference’ field labels to ‘Communication’
  • Add support for Belgian Structured Communication

A Structured Communication can be generated automatically on outgoing invoices according to the following algorithms:

  1. Random : +++RRR/RRRR/RRRDD+++

    R..R = Random Digits, DD = Check Digits

  2. Date : +++DOY/YEAR/SSSDD+++

    DOY = Day of the Year, SSS = Sequence Number, DD = Check Digits

  3. Customer Reference +++RRR/RRRR/SSSDDD+++

    R..R = Customer Reference without non-numeric characters, SSS = Sequence Number, DD = Check Digits

The preferred type of Structured Communication and associated Algorithm can be specified on the Partner records. A ‘random’ Structured Communication will generated if no algorithm is specified on the Partner record.

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