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opengeode 0.2

A tiny, free SDL editor for TASTE

Latest Version: 1.5.2


OpenGEODE is a tiny, free SDL editor done in the scope of the TASTE project.

SDL is the Specification and Description Language (Z100 standard from ITU-T).

Visit for more information.



You need Pyside (the Qt bindings for Python) and the ANTLR runtime to be able to run OpenGEODE.

On Debian-based distributions (including Ubuntu):

$ apt-get install python-pyside pip $ pip install antlr_python_runtime

On Windows:

You need to download and install Python, Pyside, and pip (binaries are available on respective websites)

Then using pip from the command line, you can get the ANTLR runtime:

c:> pip install antlr_python_runtime

On FreeBSD:

PySide is available through the ports. You can also use easy_install to install it. Use pip to install the ANTLR runtime (see above)

Automatic installation

$ pip install opengeode

This is sufficient to get opengeode running. However, if you want to build complete systems you need to use OpenGEODE within the TASTE environment.

Full installation

OpenGEODE is part of the TASTE project.

TASTE is a complete set of tools dedicated to the development of embedded, real-time systems.

Find more information and download at

Information and contact

OpenGEODE is developed and maintained by Maxime Perrotin (

The background pattern was downloaded from

Developer documentation is provided for the moment in docstrings in the Python modules.


License is LGPL (see file LICENSE)

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opengeode-0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-01-16 195KB