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openlmi-tools 0.10.4

OpenLMI (non)interactive shell and meta-command

Package Documentation


The OpenLMI project provides a common infrastructure for the management
of Linux systems. Capabilities include configuration, management and
monitoring of hardware, operating systems, and system services. OpenLMI
includes a set of services that can be accessed both locally and
remotely, multiple language bindings, standard APIs, and standard
scripting interfaces.


OpenLMI-tools currently contains *LMIShell*, a (non)interactive command
interpreter for CIM objects access and *LMI metacommand*, which serves
as a command line interface to OpenLMI Providers, which utilizes


OpenLMI tools require

- python2.7
- python-setuptools
- lmiwbem
- python-docopt

Uploading to PyPI

Since *PyPI* expects README file to be in a *reStructuredText* markup
language and the one present is written in *markdown*, it needs to be
converted to it. So please make sure you have ``pandoc`` installed
before running:


$ python sdist upload


Use standard ``setuptools`` script for installation:


$ cd cli
$ make # generate
$ python install --root=/path/to/install/directory

If you have limited access to system path, you may wish to install to
user directory instead:


$ python install --user

This installs just the *LMIShell*, *LMI metacommand* and client-side
libraries. To install *LMI commands*, please refer to
`git <https:"" openlmi="" openlmi-scripts="">`__.

Example usage

See ``man/lmishell.1`` manual page or ``man/lmi.1``

Or visit our documentation on
`pythonhosted <http:"" openlmi-tools="" index.html="">`__.

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openlmi-tools-0.10.4.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-12-12 124KB