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opentranslink 0.0.1

The OpenTranslink project aims to provide a simple pythonic interface to public data on e.g. timetables

The OpenTranslink project aims to provide a simple pythonic interface to public data on e.g. timetables


  • Route/Service listings
  • Bus Timetables

Future Features

  • A better/nicer API.
  • Train timetables
  • Train status
  • Journey Planner
  • Route Maps


Getting started

Once the library’s a bit more mature, it’ll be installable from pypi, but for now, just clone repo repo and run python install.

The top-level object in opentranslink (for now) is the Service, you should initialise the service you need after importing the module:

import opentranslink

# initialise a client for each available service
goldline = opentranslink.Service('goldline')
metro = opentranslink.Service('metro')
ulsterbus = opentranslink.Service('ulsterbus')

Retrieving route listings

You can retrieve a full list of routes for a given service using its route() method:

>>> print metro.routes()
[<opentranslink.Route-1A>, <opentranslink.Route-1B>, <opentranslink.Route-1C>, ...]

You can also retrieve a specific route using its code:

>>> print metro.route('1A')

Working with timetables

Route objects contain a timetable property which is used to interact with any available timetable for the route:

>>> route = goldline.route('273')
>>> print route.timetable
    (u'Mondays to Fridays', <dataset object>),
    (u'Saturdays', <dataset object>),
    (u'Sundays', <dataset object>),
    (u'Mondays to Fridays', <dataset object>),
    (u'Saturdays', <dataset object>),
    (u'Sundays', <dataset object>)

timetable returns a list of tuples. Each tuple returned contains a label for the corresponding dataset (better labels will be added soon, including inbound/outbound direction). the dataset objects shown are tablib.Dataset objects, you can read more about these in the tablib documentation

Interacting with the dataset objects is simple:

>>> dataset = route.timetable[0][1]

>>> # show list of stops on this route
>>> print dataset.headers
[u'Belfast City Centre, Europa Buscentre', u'Lurgan, Loughview Park and Ride Lough Road', ...]

>>> # show the timetable for the fifth bus of the day
>>> print zip(dataset.headers, dataset[4])
[(u'Belfast City Centre, Europa Buscentre', u'0835'), (u'Lurgan, Loughview Park and Ride Lough Road', u'0900'), ...]

You can dump the timetable to a whole host of formats using tablib’s export features:

>>> print dataset.json
>>> print dataset.csv
>>> print dataset.yaml
>>> print dataset.xls

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs (there are lots, I know) at

If you are reporting a bug, please include:

  • Your operating system name and version.
  • Any details about your local setup that might be helpful in troubleshooting.
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the bug.