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organdesigner 1.1.0

Graphical editor for GENPO organ description files

Organdesigner is a graphical editor for organ description files.

It is designed initially to support the GENPO (General Purpose Organ) file format.


  • Input GENPO organ (*.org) and SoundFont2 (*.sf2) files.
  • Validated XML output to GENPO organ files.
  • Move and copy stops within and between divisions.
  • Organ Editor: change name and description of organ.
  • Division Editor: add, delete, modify divisions.
  • Couplers Editor: add, delete, modify couplers.
  • Pistons Editor: add, delete, modify combination pistons. Toe Pistons affect all divisions.
  • Edit stops: change the name, MIDI program number, and MIDI velocity of stops.