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osm_conflate 1.2.3

Command-line script for merging points from a third-party source with OpenStreetMap data

This is a script for merging points from some third-party source with OpenStreetMap data. Please make sure the license allows that. After merging and uploading, the data can be updated.

See the OSM wiki page for detailed description and instructions.


Run pip install osm_conflate.


Each source should have a profile. It is a python script with variables configuring names, tags and processing. See heavily commented examples in the profiles directory.


For a simplest case, run:

conflate <> -o result.osm

You might want to add -v to get status messages, and other arguments to pass a dataset file or write the resulting osmChange somewhere. Run conflate -h to see a list of arguments.

Uploading to OpenStreetMap

It is recommended to open the resulting file in the JOSM editor and manually check the changes. Alternatively, you can use to upload a change file from the command line.

Please mind the Import Guidelines, or your work may be reverted.


Written by Ilya Zverev for MAPS.ME. Published under the Apache 2.0 license.

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