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osmapi 0.2.21

Python wrapper for the OSM API

Latest Version: 0.2.24


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Python wrapper for the OSM API


Install ``osmapi`` simply by using pip:


    pip install osmapi


If you want to help with the development of ``osmapi``, you should clone
this repository and install the requirements:


    pip install -r requirements.txt

After that, it is recommended to install the ``flake8`` pre-commit-hook:


    flake8 --install-hook


Scripted imports and automated edits should only be carried out by those
with experience and understanding of the way the OpenStreetMap community
creates maps, and only with careful **planning** and **consultation**
with the local community.

See the
`Import/Guidelines <>`_
and `Automated Edits/Code of
Conduct <>`_
for more information.


Read from OpenStreetMap


    import osmapi
    api = osmapi.OsmApi()
    print api.NodeGet(123)
    # {u'changeset': 532907, u'uid': 14298,
    # u'timestamp': u'2007-09-29T09:19:17Z',
    # u'lon': 10.790009299999999, u'visible': True,
    # u'version': 1, u'user': u'Mede',
    # u'lat': 59.9503044, u'tag': {}, u'id': 123}



    import osmapi
    api = osmapi.OsmApi(api="", username = "you", password = "***")
    api = osmapi.OsmApi(username = "you", passwordfile = "/etc/mypasswords")
    api = osmapi.OsmApi(passwordfile = "/etc/mypasswords") # username will be first line username

Note: The password file should have the format *user:password*

Write to OpenStreetMap


    import osmapi
    api = osmapi.OsmApi(username = u"metaodi", password = u"*******")
    api.ChangesetCreate({u"comment": u"My first test"})
    print api.NodeCreate({u"lon":1, u"lat":1, u"tag": {}})
    # {u'changeset': 532907, u'lon': 1, u'version': 1, u'lat': 1, u'tag': {}, u'id': 164684}


This project was orginally developed by Etienne Chove. This repository
is a copy of the original code from SVN
with the goal to enable easy contribution via GitHub and release of this
package via `PyPI <>`_.

See also the OSM wiki:

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