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osmium 2.11.0

Python bindings for libosmium, the data processing library for OSM data

Package Documentation

This library provides Python bindings for the Libosmium C++ library, a library for working with OpenStreetMap data in a fast and flexible manner.


pyosmium can be installed with pip:

pip install osmium

The Pypi source package already comes bundled with a matching version of libosmium. The library uses Boost.Python to create the C++ bindings. On Debian/Ubuntu install libboost-python-dev. On OS X run brew install boost-python or brew install boost-python –with-python3 depending on which python version you want to use. You can also (re)install both.

Python >= 2.7 is supported but a version >= 3.3 is strongly recommended.

Other dependencies are expat, libz, and libbz2. See Libosmium dependencies for required packages for various distributions.


The documentation for the latest release is available at


The package contains an example directory with small examples on how to use the library. They are mostly ports of the examples in Libosmium and osmium-contrib.


Pyosmium is available under the BSD 2-Clause License. See LICENSE.TXT.

The source code can be found on GitHub. There is also the issue tracker for reporting bugs.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
osmium-2.11.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-01-15 454KB