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otamapy 0.3.2

otamapy is Python Interface for otama.


otamapy is Python Interface for otama (otama is CBIR.).


from pip:

$ pip install --upgrade otamapy

from easy_install:

$ easy_install -ZU otamapy


  • Python2.6+ and Python3.2+
  • otama library (otama, nv, eiio)

Installation otama

on MacOSX:

$ sh tools/

on Linux:

$ sh tools/


config file (example.conf)

    'namespace': 'testnamespace',
    'driver': {'name': 'color', 'data_dir': './data', 'color_weight': 0.2},
    'database': {'driver': 'sqlite3', 'name': './data/store.sqlite3'}

store to database, and search from database.

from otama import Otama
db ='example.conf')

kvs = {}
for filename in ('foo.jpg', 'bar.jpg'):
    kvs[db.insert(filename)] = filename

for result in, 'foo.jpg'):
    key = result['id']
    print("sim=%.3f, file=%s" % (result['similarity'], kvs[key]))
$ python
sim=1.000, file=foo.jpg
sim=0.969, file=bar.jpg

see examples .

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