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outproc 0.10

Pluggable Output Processor

Latest Version: 0.20

What is This?

_Pluggable Output Processor_ is an engine to wrap any executabe and capture its output through
a pluggable module to colorize it and/or (re)format.


* easy (to Python programmers ;-) to extend
* 256 color terminal support ;-) configuration files in addition to standard named colors
may contain color definitions as `rgb(r,g,b)` or `gray(n)`
* colorizers for `make`, `cmake`, `gcc` out of the box (more to come ;-)
* some modules are not just a stupid colorizers ;-) For example `gcc` can reformat text for
better readability (really helps to understand template errors). Also `cmake` module can reduce
amount of lines printed during test by collapsing test _intro_ message and _result_ into a single one.



$ tar -xzf outproc-X.Y.tar.gz
$ cd outproc-X.Y
$ sudo easy_install .

For Gentoo users there is a [live ebuild][raw-ebuild] in my [repository][my-overlay].
Also (for Gentoo users again ;-) `eselect` module from `contrib/` will be installed by the ebuild.
Users of other distros have to make a symlinks to required modules manually:

$ ln -s /usr/bin/outproc /usr/lib/outproc/bin/<module-name>

and then make sure `/usr/lib/outproc/bin` placed __before__ `/usr/bin` (and anything else) in your
user/system `PATH` environment. Available modules (plugins) can be found at `<python-site-packages-dir>/outproc/pp`.
For example, to install the `gcc` module do the following:

$ ln -s /usr/bin/outproc /usr/lib/outproc/bin/gcc

Then you may edit `/etc/outproc/gcc.conf` to adjust color settings.


* continue to improve C++ tokenizer (few things can be better)
* unit tests for tokenizer
* test files w/ to cause various error messages from gcc (+ unit test for colorizer somehow)
* continue to improve `cmake` support (+ unit tests)
* <del>turn `mount` output into a human readable look-n-feel</del> Done!
* colorize `df` depending on free space threshold
* colorize `diff` (easy! :-) -- Done for `-u` mode
* <del>`eselect` module to manage tools under control</del> Done!
* ask module is it want to handle a current command or we can do `execv` instead
* implement `STDIN` reader (pipe mode)
* handle `KeyboardInterrupt` and hide Python crap
* `ctest` module to colorize test results
* handle as note:

/usr/include/python3.3/pyconfig.h:1397:0: warning: "_XOPEN_SOURCE" redefined [enabled by default]
#define _XOPEN_SOURCE 700
<command-line>:0:0: note: this is the location of the previous definition
* handle `make[1]: warning:`
* <del>handle `gcc -Q --help=<smth>`</del> Done!

See also

[my-overlay]: "My ebuilds overlay"

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