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package-maker 0.0.1

Make a new Python package

package-maker - Make a Python Package

The package package package package is a framework for building and maintaining Python packages, like those bound for PyPI:

This package, package-maker, installs a command line utility called python-package-maker that creates a new package for you.

All you need to do is:

> python-package-maker newthing

The package-maker will generate a new package directory (called newthing) for you and configure it completely, based on your package-py default settings.

This utility assumes that you have already installed and configured the package package package package from PyPI, and that you are somewhat familiar with it.

Once you get used to the power of package, this little utility will just get you started on a new package, a little faster.



> sudo pip install package-maker


> sudo easy install package-maker


> git clone git://
> cd package-maker-py
> sudo make install


From the command line run:

> cd ~/src > python-package-maker newthing > cd newthing > make help > make test # etc…

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