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packman 0.1.2

Package Generator

packman creates packages.

You can write a components file containing your packages’ configuration and packman will retrieve the resources and create the packages accordingly.

The project was initally invented to create Cloudify ( packages and is now progressing towards being a simple open-source solution to creating different types of packages.

Quick Start

Quick Start


packman documentation


see packman requirements before installing packman

pip install packman
# or, for dev:
pip install

Usage Examples

see Components Configuration to configure your components file

# `pkm get` retrieves component sources
pkm get --components my_component --components_file /
# `pkm pack` packages sources, scripts and configs.
pkm pack -c my_component,my_other_component
# `pkm make` ... does both one after the other
pkm make -x excluded_component


A vagrantfile is provided to load machines:

  • a packman host (which, by default, is ready to package components)
  • a tester host (which, by default, is a clean machine to test the package installation on)
  • CentOS and other distribs are being added…

Automated Vagrant Testing Environment

In future versions, an automated process of retrieval, packaging and installation will be implemented to check the entire process.

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