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pager 2.0

Terminal/console pager module for Python

Latest Version: 3.3

Python module to page output to the screen, read keys and get console dimensions.

It was meant to be included in standard library

Author: anatoly techtonik <>
License: Public Domain (or MIT if a license is required)


python -m pager <file>

# run manual tests that are also a demo
python -m pager --test


2.0 (stable) - API Break in getch() function
  • getch() now always returns list of characters (previously it could return single char). This is done to simplify the task of detecting keys from the returned result
1.4 (stable)
  • <file>
  • Linux: termios comments, docs and preparation for very likely API break in getch() function
1.3 (stable)
  • Windows: Python 3 requires getwch()
  • Windows: fix ENTER LEFT UP RIGHT DOWN ESC key codes
1.2 (stable)
  • add names for ENTER LEFT UP RIGHT DOWN ESC keys
  • manual tests for getch() (fixes bug #4)
  • dumpkey() helper function to get hex dump of a value returned by getch()
1.1 (stable)
  • Python 3 compatibility
  • echo() helper function for unbuffered output (in Py3 output doesn’t appear immediately on screen unless it ends with newline)
1.0 (stable)
  • getch() now returns list of chars for special keys (fixes bug #1 when special key skipped several pages)
  • page() callbacks receive obligatory pagenumber param
  • default page() callback now shows page number
0.2 (stable)
  • do not insert blank line between pages
0.1 (stable)
  • shows content page by page
  • allows to get console/terminal dimensions
  • works on Windows
  • works on Linux

API (output)

..function:: page(content, [pagecallback=prompt])

Output content iterable, calling pagecallback function after each page with page number as a parameter. Default prompt() callback shows page number with ‘Press any key … ‘ prompt and waits for keypress.

..function:: echo(msg)

Print msg to the screen without linefeed and flush the output.

..function:: getwidth()

Return width of available window in characters. If detection fails, return value of standard width 80. Coordinate of the last character on a line is -1 from returned value.

..function:: getheight()

Return available window height in characters or 25 if detection fails. Coordinate of the last line is -1 from returned value.

API (input)

..function:: getch()

Wait for keypress(es). Return list of characters generated as a result. Arrows and special keys generate such sequence after a single keypress. Sequences may differ between platforms, so make sure to use constants defined in this module to recognize keys back.

..function:: dumpkey(key)

Return hexadecimal representation of a key value returned by getch().


Danny Yoo for getch()-like unbuffered character reading recipe


Excellent tutorials for Win32 Console by Adrian Worley Console Reference on MSDN

Public Domain Curses library maintained by William McBrine

Ioctl (input/output control) introduction from Wikipedia Linux Programmer’s Manual - ioctls for terminals and serial lines

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