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pandora_client 0.2.173

pandora_client is a commandline client for You can use it to import videos into a system. It is currently known to work on Linux and Mac OS X.

Latest Version: 0.3.1

pandora_client - python client and libary to access a instances

For more info on using pandora_client, check

pandora client example:
import pandora_client
#example config.json
"url": "http://localhost:8000/api/",
"username": "username",
"password": "password",
"cache": "~/.ox/client.sqlite",
"media-cache": "~/.ox/media",
"volumes": {
"volumename": "/media/2010/Movies"
c = pandora_client.Client('config.json')
c.scan() #scans all volumes for files and updates cache db
c.sync() #syncs cached file info with site, and encodes and uploads requested media
c.clean() #cleanup transcodes created druing sync to save disk space

just using the API:
api = pandora_client.API("http://localhost:8000/api/")
r = api.find(
keys=['title', 'year'],
range=[0, 100]
for i in r['data']['items']:

api documentation is available as python docstrings.
i.e. in ipython:
(alternatively you can open the api url in a browser to read further documentation)

== Distributed encoding ==
pandora_client can distribute the encoding to multiple nodes
on a local network or multiple encodings on the same host.

to do this you need to install additional dependencies:
apt-get install python-twisted python-requests
(on ubuntu 12.04 you need a newer version of requests,
i.e: sudo easy_install -U requests)

now run one node in server mode:
pandora_client server

and start the other nodes with:
pandora_client client http://SERVER_IP:8789
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