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panzer 0.9.1b

pandoc with style

Latest Version: 1.0b1


pandoc is a powerful and flexible document processing tool. The problem is that using pandoc is like sitting behind the flight deck of the Space Shuttle. Millions of dials can be twiddled, and it is not easy to know which combinations to choose. Often you want to take it for a reliable and familiar ride rather than a trip to uncharted space.

panzer can help. It adds styles to pandoc. Styles are settings that govern the look and feel of your document in a predictable and reusable way. More precisely, styles are combinations of templates, metadata settings, filters, postprocessers, and pre- and post-flight scripts. panzer twiddles the dials on pandoc appropriate for your chosen style.

Instead of running pandoc, you run panzer on your document. Styles are selected, created, and customised using pandoc’s metadata. To use a style simply add the metadata key style to your document. By convention, styles take capitalized values. For example:

style: Notes

This one-line addition would activate the options relevant for the Notes style.

Styles are defined defined ether inside your document, or in panzer’s defaults.yaml file.



panzer is a python script and it can be installed via the standard mechanism.

Command line use

panzer takes the same command line arguments and options as pandoc. panzer passes these arguments and options to the underlying instance of pandoc. panzer also has a few of its own command line options. These panzer-specific options are prefixed by triple dashes ---. Run the command panzer -h to see a list of these panzer-specific options.

The panzer command can be used as a drop-in replacement for the pandoc command.

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