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paragoo 0.2.0

Static site generator

paragoo is a static site generator, written in Python. It takes a simple yaml file with the structure of the site, the source Markdown/HTML content files and the Jinja2 based templates and builds a directory structure with the final website.


Run python to get help. Typically, a command line looks like this:

python generate_site -s /path/to/site_config -t /path/to/site_templates -o /path/to/output_dir

A more involved command including a Secure CoPy to a remote server can look like this:

python generate_site --clean -s ../ -t ../ -o /tmp/aqs --clean; scp -pqr /tmp/aqs/* vps01:/srv/


python generate_site --clean --cachebuster -s ../../../website/ -t ../paragoo-theme-material/build/material-grey --pathprefix page --makerooturi -o /srv/

To see what commands are available, run paragoo with --help:

python --help


python generate_site --help


Some pre-made templates to go with paragoo: paragoo material theme.


The name is derived from παράγω, which is Greek for ‘generate’, ‘produce’.

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