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better repeatable password generation

Latest Version:


passacre = password massacre (i.e. what happens when you use the same password on every site)


I really love supergenpass, but the implementation leaves some things to be desired. feverish (and possibly delirious), I hacked up a little proof-of-concept thing.

the gist of it is that passacre uses the Keccak sponge function to repeatably derive a value from your master password and a site name, and then encodes that value using a password schema (since different sites have different (and terrible) password requirements).

also, it’s ISC-licensed!

every user-facing part of this sucks right now, but it’s a work-in-progress.

minimal documentation available on readthedocs.

here’s how to use it for now:

# for keccak generation
pip install 'passacre[cli,keccak_generation]'
# for skein generation (python 3 only)
pip install 'passacre[cli,skein_generation]'
# to be able to copy passwords, add the 'clipboard' variant too:
pip install 'passacre[cli,clipboard,keccak_generation]'
# then finally:
passacre init
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