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passphrase 0.1.3

List a series of words for selection of a secure and rememberable passphrase. Choose from many different languages.

Simple passphrase generator apropos Selects 12 random words from the configured dictionary.

Here are some of my favorite example passphrases:

  • mason’s Hobbit barrets
  • zamboni Bygone udders
  • Advertisers dick dishonesty
  • rheumiest Orphan cannonball
  • bookworms Bullshit prognosis
  • Oz’s medicine storehouse
  • dual Arabian iotas
  • Windsor’s armchair Typists


pip install passphrase

Installation will place an executable in /usr/bin, plus provide the passphrase API for your Python programming pleasure.


Basic usage:

$ passphrase
brain dandy deserve foundation house identified insisted iran paris regiment truly villagers

Specify the number of results:

$ passphrase -n 3
chair charley slept

Specify a language other than English (en):

$ passphrase -l fr
anniversaire caméras chan foie foutez nazi organisé pluie ray revue stewart tonne

$ passphrase -l ar
أيجب اخرجي الجبل الرقم الشفرة القلب ركوب ريكو سادة شـيء محلي معى

$ passphrase -l he
איום איזור הזמין הטבע הצלחה התיבה התכוונו ובסוף וזה כל מצלמת סוגים

See available languages:

$ passphrase -L
ar bg cs da de el en es et fa fi fr he hr hu id it lt lv mk nl no pl pt pt_br ru sk sl sq sr-Cyrl sr-Latn sv tr ur zh
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
passphrase-0.1.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-12-12 1MB