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passta 1.5

simple password manager

-=} Passta {=-
The simple password safe

Passta is a simple password safe intended for usage in scripts.

e.g.: usage in .msmtprc

passwordeval passta get smtps/

GPG[1] is used for encrypting passwords. When running gpg-agent passta can be
used in scripts without having to provide the password on every invocation.


Passta is neither a tool for password sharing on a multi-seat system, nor is it
suitable for transmitting passwords over channels that can be tampered with.

Passta utilizes a single gpg encrypted, unsigned file for the storage of all
passwords. While that might be a sufficiently secure method of saving
confidential password in an environment where write access is limited to
authorized users, it doesn't prevent users with write acces from tampering with
the data. In such a scenario, a user could potentially insert arbitary data
into the password file.


Martin Natano <>
Alfredo Pironti <>

Please follow PEP 8[2] when submitting patches/pull requests.

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