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pasttle 0.7.5

Simple pastebin on top of bottle.

Latest Version: 0.9.6


Pasttle is based upon, born out of the necessity to:

  • Have a lightweight pastebin software
  • Not depend on Google AE
  • Paste via CLI

Also, I wanted to play more with

Pasttle is split in server and client, it depends on what you are trying to use to run one or the other.

  • Server: Runs on python and needs a database (defaults to using SQLite) to store all the data. You want this if you are setting your own private pasttle instance
  • Client: These are just thin wrappers around curl, you can use this to post to a pasttle server

Installing pasttle-server

Pasttle is part of PyPI, you can just:

pip install pasttle

and it should pull all the necessary components. Whether you want to install it in a virtual environment (which I recommend) or system-wide is totally up to you.

If you instead want to try from source code (i.e. by cloning the git repo) then I suggest you execute:

python install

… and be done with it. Again, if you do this in a virtual environment or not is up to you.

Running the server

Once you have it installed you need a database and (optionally) a different WSGI runner (bottle, which pasttle runs on top of, runs on wsgiref by default) but can run on Paste, tornado, CherryPy, and several others.

Also, since pasttle uses SQLAlchemy as the backend, you have your pick of any database that SQLAlchemy supports: SQLite (the default), MySQL and Postgres being the most famous.

Once you have your database all setup, you just need to create a pasttle.ini (like the one in the repo) and change the values to whatever matches your environment.

After that:

Should start the server. If you want to use a different config file, just set the environment variable PASTTLECONF to the file you want to read before starting the server.

Running the client

Running the client just requires 2 steps:

  • Source pasttle.bashrc
  • Run pasttle -h or gettle -h to check usage
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