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A module wrapper for os.path

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 7.2 implements a path objects as first-class entities, allowing common operations on files to be invoked on those path objects directly. For example:

from path import path
d = path('/home/guido/bin')
for f in d.files('*.py'):
    f.chmod(0755) is hosted at Github.

Installing may be installed using setuptools or distribute or pip:


The latest release is always updated to the Python Package Index.

You may also always download the source distribution (zip/tarball), extract it, and run python to install it.


To install an in-development version, use the Github links to clone or download a snapshot of the latest code. Alternatively, if you have git installed, you may be able to use pip or easy_install to install directly from the repository:

easy_install git+


Tests are continuously run by Travis-CI:

To run the tests, refer to the .travis.yml file for the steps run on the Travis-CI hosts.

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