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Translate OS X / Windows file URLs to directory paths

Using Linux? Tired of receiving emails with links to files of the form X:\some%20path\on\remote%20share\spreadsheet.xls? Then we can help! takes an unusable path as input and prints a useful one as output. That’s it.

It can handle Windows drive prefixes (if configured), and will also sort out file:// and smb:// prefixes.

Should work with Python 2.4 - 3.3 and pypy (probably more, but that’s as far as it’s been tested).


Install system-wide with sudo pip install or sudo easy_install This will put an executable named into your $PATH.


You need to create a config.ini file that contains the root of your network mounts and any drive mappings (see config.example.ini or the example below to get started).

By default, will check for $HOME/.config/pathfix/config.ini, so it’s best to keep your config there. If you are installing from source, you can also just keep a config.ini in the source tree next to

We assume all your network shares are mounted under a common root, with the form:

/<network mount root>/<host name>/<share name>

If you installed from source, you may find it helpful to symlink to /usr/local/bin or somewhere else on your PATH, or you can just python install and you’ll get the executable on your path.


For example, if you have this in your config.ini:

network_root = /media/network

x = host1:share1
y = host2:share2

Then you can do, for example:

% "X:\some%20path\on\remote%20share\spreadsheet.xls"
/media/network/host1/share1/some path/on/remote share/spreadsheet.xls

Which you can use in subshells to fix arguments to other applications, for example:

% libreoffice "$( "X:\some%20path\on\remote%20share\spreadsheet.xls")"


Pull requests are welcome, but please do include test cases that cover any updates.

There are no requirements unless you’re using Python 2.4-2.6, or 3.0-3.1, in which case (if you’re installing from source) you need to install argparse:

pip install -r requirements.txt

To make sure it all still works, run the tests:

python test
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