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pbp.recipe.noserunner 0.2.6

Expert Python Programming - ZC Buildout runner for nose

This package is part of the `Expert Python Programming` book written by
Tarek Ziadé.

For more information, go to

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`pbp.recipe.noserunner` will let you create a `Nose` test runner script in
your buildout. Here's an example of the simplest configuration::

parts = test

recipe = pbp.recipe.noserunner

If you run the builout, a `test` script will be created in the bin directory to
run your tests using Nose.


- Nose project :
- zc.buildout :

Detailed Documentation

Supported options

The recipe supports the following options:

The eggs option specified a list of eggs to test given as one ore
more setuptools requirement strings. Each string must be given on
a separate line.

The script option gives the name of the script to generate, in the
buildout bin directory. Of the option isn't used, the part name
will be used.

One or more extra paths to include in the generated test script.

The defaults option lets you specify testrunner default
options. These are specified as Python source for an expression
yielding a list, typically a list literal.

The working-directory option lets to specify a directory where the
tests will run. The testrunner will change to this directory when
run. If the working directory is the empty string or not specified
at all, the recipe will not change the current working directory.

A set of environment variables that should be exported before
starting the tests.


Tarek Ziade, Author

Change history

0.2.6 (2009-05-13)

- Fixed argument passing [tarek]

0.2.5 (2009-05-08)

- Fixed the environment settings. Thanks to Rob Madole [tarek]
- Now you can pass arguments to Nose. Thanks to Kumar McMillan [tarek]

0.2.4 (2008-09-02)

- Don't create/delete working directory [Tarek]

0.2.3 (2008-08-20)

- Fixed change directory [Tarek Ziade]
- Fixed defaults argument [Tarek Ziade]

0.1.1 (2008-06-21)

- Fixed again
[Tarek Ziade].

0.1.1 (2008-06-20)

- Fixed thx to Mario Morgado
[Tarek Ziade].

0.1.0 (2008-06-20)

- Created recipe with ZopeSkel [Tarek Ziade].

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