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pbs-account-consumer 1.3.2

PBS UUA OpenId Consumer

Latest Version: 1.4.3


pip install pbs-account-consumer


  1. Add pbs_account_consumer to the INSTALLED_APPS section of the settings file.

  2. After installing you need to add a couple of params to your file.

    • Example param values:
      • LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = ‘/’
  3. Add the consumer app to the url routing.

    • For example:
      • Add url(r’^openid/’, include(‘pbs_account_consumer.urls’)) to in your project.
  4. Add the proper authentication backend to your project.

    • Add AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = (…, ‘pbs_account_consumer.auth.OpenIDBackend’,) to
  5. Add the proper login link to the admin login template:

    • Add pbs_accout_consumer.urls to the main file of your project.
    • Make the link point to the login_begin view, as such: {% url login_begin %}

6. (Optional) If you want to use a custom realm (eg. you don’t want it to point to the base of your domain) you have to set OPENID_CUSTOM_REALM in


The default is the absolute URI of the base of your website.

7. (Optional) If you want to use a custom domain (eg. if you are using a proxy for your website) for the return_to page you can set OPENID_CUSTOM_RETURN_TO in


The return_to parameter will be set to login_route route, relative to this parameter. There should be no trailing slash. The default is the absolute URI of the base of your website.

The RETURN_TO url should be under the REALM (trust_root), otherwise the OpenID provider will give an error and disallow authentication.


  1. Python version 2.7 or greater.
  2. Django version 1.3 or greater.
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