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pecan-notario 0.0.3


JSON validation for Pecan with Notario (

In its simplest form, you need to define a schema and decorate the controller method, like:

schema = ('foo', True)

def some_controller(self, **kw):
    return dict()

The above controller method, using a Notario schema, will require a foo key and a True value otherwise it will (by default) set the HTTP response to a 400 (invalid request) and add the validation error to request.pecan['schema'].errors.

Using a handler

If more granular control is needed when dealing with an error condition, a handler can be passed in to the decorator to deal with errors explicitly.

@validate(some_schema, '/some/handler')
def some_controller(self, **kw):
    return dict()

In this situation ‘/some/handler’ would be a controller method that can deal directly with the error that was slapped onto the request object (on request.validation_error).

Notario exceptions will include a reason attribute that will contain the specific error message that was raised if a custom validator failed with an error message. In this case, a handler would access this Notario exception attribute like:

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