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pelican-github-projects 0.1.1

Embed a list of your public GitHub projects in your pages

Embed a list of your public GitHub projects in your pages.


To install pelican-github-projects, simply install it from PyPI:

$ pip install pelican-github-projects


Enable the plugin in your

    # ...
    # ...

Add a setting with your GitHub username.

GITHUB_USER = 'kyah'

Available data

name:The name of your project.
language:The language your project is written in, information on how GitHub detects languages is available here. It is GitHub that detects the language, not this plugin. So please, no issues about that.
description:The description of your project (as set on GitHub.)
homepage:The homepage of your project (as set on GitHub.)
github_url:The web page URL of your project on GitHub (not the GIT or API URL.)


In your templates you will be able to iterate over the github_projects variable, as below.

{% if GITHUB_USER %}
    {% for project in github_projects %}
      <h2>{{ }} {% if project.language %}<sup>({{ project.language }})</sup>{% endif %}</h2>
      <p>{{ project.description }}</p>
        {% if project.homepage %}
            <a href="{{ project.homepage }}">Homepage</a>
        {% endif %}
        <a href="{{ project.github_url }}">GitHub</a>
    {% endfor %}
{% endif %}


GPLv2 license.

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