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pelican-shiori 0.1.1

Shiori theme for Pelican

Latest Version: 0.2.1

pelican-shiori is a port of the Shiori theme (originally built for Jekyll by Elle Kasai) to Pelican.


$ pip install pelican-shiori



In your pelican, set the THEME and ASSET_CONFIG variables like the following -

import pelican_shiori

THEME = pelican_shiori.path()
ASSET_CONFIG = pelican_shiori.asset_config()


The following configuration variables are supported.

  • SHIORI_THEME: which color scheme to use (one of dark, turquoise, green, blue, purple, orange, red)
  • SHIORI_HIDE_SIDEBAR: whether or not to show the sidebar
  • SHIORI_INDEX_ARTICLES_COUNT: number of articles to show on the index page

Color Schemes

This theme is available in multiple color schemes (based on Flat UI Colors). The default value for the color scheme is set to (surprise) default. To change it to one of the supported values, adjust the SHIORI_THEME and ASSET_CONFIG variables as follows -

ASSET_CONFIG = pelican_shiori.asset_config(SHIORI_THEME)

Please make sure that the argument given to pelican_shiori.asset_config is the same as SHIORI_THEME. Bad things may happen otherwise.

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