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SEO tool for adding permalinks to text contained in Django apps databases.

Latest Version:


Install with pip:

pip install permalink_adder


You need to specify where and what to look for in your Django app’s settings in this manner:

PERMALINK_ADDER_SETTINGS = [{'app': 'your_app_name',
                            'model_name': 'your_model_name',
                            'fields': ['list', 'of', 'fields', 'in', 'which', 'script', 'should', 'search'],
                            'words': ['list', 'of', 'words', 'to', 'search'],
                            'url': 'url_that_should_be_wrapped_around_found_text',
                            'dry_run': True}]

Setting dry_run to False will actually apply changes to database, instead of printing them out.

You can run the script either using add_permalinks management command or call permalink_adder function from module.


No output if there are no occurrences of words or when they’re already wrapped.

With dry_run set as True, the script will print out proposed changes, setting it to False will only show context of applied changes.

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