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pesto 9

Library for WSGI applications

Latest Version: 25



Pesto is a library for Python web applications. It aims to make writing WSGI
web applications easy and fun. Pesto doesn't constrain you – how you integrate
with databases, what templating system you use or how you prefer to lay out
your source files is up to you. Above all, pesto is small, well documented and
well tested.

Pesto makes it easy to:

- Map any URI to any part of your application.
- Produce unicode aware, standards compliant WSGI applications.
- Easily interogate WSGI request parameters, form variables and HTTP
request headers.
- Create and manipulate HTTP headers, redirects, cookies etc.
- Integrate with any other WSGI application or middleware, giving you
access to a vast and growing resource.

Development status

Pesto is production ready and used on a wide variety of websites.

To browse or check out the latest development version, visit For documentation, visit


Pesto is available under the terms of the new BSD licence,  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pesto-9.tar.gz (md5) Source 2009-04-14 44KB