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pg_raxarchive 1.1

Command line tool to handle Postgresql WAL archiving on Rackspace's cloudfiles.

pg_raxarchive is a command line tool to handle Postgresql WAL archiving on Rackspace’s cloudfiles.

Quick help

Install using pip then:

  • Create a file /etc/pg_raxarchive.ini with rackspace credentials (see below).
  • Run pg_raxarchive upload {path_to_file} {basename} to upload archive a file.
  • Run pg_raxarchive download {basename} {path_to_file} to download an archived file.
  • Run pg_raxarchive cleanup {filename} to remove WAL files older than {filename}.

Rackspace credential file follows pyrax format:

api_key  = YOUR_API_KEY_HERE

You can customize the region and the container name using:

  • pg_raxarchive --container CONTAINE_RNAME ...
  • pg_raxarchive --region REGION_NAME ...

By default pg_raxarchive expects to be running inside rackspace network. If this is not your case or you want to be billed for some other reasons use pg_raxarchive --use-public.


File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pg_raxarchive-1.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-20 3KB