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pgwrap 0.3

Simple PostgreSQL database wrapper - provides wrapper over psycopg2 supporting a Python API for common sql functions

Latest Version: 0.7

pgwrap - simple PostgreSQL database wrapper

The 'pgwrap' module provides a simple wrapper over psycopg2 supporting a
Python API for common sql functions.

This is not intended to provide an ORM-like functionality, just some basic
functionality to make it easier to interact with PostgreSQL from python
code for simple use-cases. For more complex operations direct SQL
access is available.

These 'module' include:

* Simplified handling of connections/cursor
* Background connection pool (provided by psycopg2.pool)
* Cursor context handler
* Python API to wrap basic SQL functionality
* select,update,delete,join)
* These methods are implemented as extensions to the cursor
context handler (allowing then to be used transactionally
where needed), however are also available as stand-alone
methods which create an implicit cursor for simple queries
* Query results as dict (using psycopg2.extras.RealDictCursor)

Basic usage:

>>> from pgwrap import connect,query
>>> connect(url="postgres://localhost")
>>> query_one("select version()")
{'version': 'PostgreSQL...'}

The module wraps the excellent 'psycopg2' library and most of the
functionality is provided by this behind the scenes.


0.1 19-10-2012 Initial import
0.2 10-10-2012 Remove psycopg2 dep in
0.3 10-10-2012 Remove hstore default for cursor  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
pgwrap-0.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-10-20 5KB