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philo 0.9

A foundation for developing web content management systems.

Latest Version: 0.9.2

Philo is a foundation for developing web content management systems.

* Python 2.5.4+ <http:""/>
* Django 1.3+ <http:""/>
* django-mptt e734079+ <https:"" django-mptt="" django-mptt=""/>
* (Optional) django-grappelli 2.0+ <http:"" p="" django-grappelli=""/>
* (Optional) south 0.7.2+ <http:""/>
* (Optional) recaptcha-django r6 <http:"" p="" recaptcha-django=""/>

To contribute, please visit the project website <http:""/> and/or make a fork of the git repository on GitHub <http:"" ithinksw="" philo=""> or Gitorious <http: gitorious<br="">.org/ithinksw/philo>. Feel free to join us on IRC at irc://

Using philo
After installing philo and mptt on your python path, make sure to complete the following steps:

1. add 'philo.middleware.RequestNodeMiddleware' to settings.MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES.
2. add 'philo' and 'mptt' to settings.INSTALLED_APPS.
3. include 'philo.urls' somewhere in your file.
4. Optionally add a root node to your current Site.

Philo should be ready to go!  
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
philo-0.9.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2011-06-15 99KB