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piHAcontrollers 0.8.5

Python Integrated Home Automation Controllers


pimucha : Python integrated multi controllers for Home Automation. piHAcontrollers package is part of pimucha project.

The piHAcontrollers package is use as backend with Home Automation controllers. It is intended to run on embedded systems.


  • Receiving event, packet of raw data, from controller
  • Sending command, raw data, to controller
  • TCP networking to send and receive data
  • Logging data to file

Interfaces of communication between system and controllers supported are:

  • FTDI chip interface
  • Serial port, USB serial port
  • USB interface

At now, Home Automation controllers supported:

  • USB Controllers (need pyUSB version 1.0)
  • ATI Remote Wonder X10 Wireless USB receiver
  • IR IR605A/Q USB receiver
  • CM15a X10 Powerline and Wireless USB controller
  • Serial Controllers (need pySerial version >= 2.5)
  • CM11a X10 Powerline controller
  • RFXcom 433 receiver
  • RFXtrx 433 transceiver (available separately)
  • FTDI chip Controllers (need python-ftdi or pylibftdi)
  • TellStick Duo


  • Python version >= 2.6.8
  • System interfaces modules depend on controller to use
  • pyUSB version 1.0
  • pySerial version >= 2.5
  • python-ftdi or pylibftdi

Installation from source distribution:

  • Download the archive, unpack it, enter distribution root directory
  • From a terminal, run setup script
  • Setup will install
  • piHAcontrollers and all stuff under directory piHAcontrollers
  • but not the scripts under directory utils
  • For details, see

First Run:

  • Use script utils/ for:
  • checking platform and Python version
  • checking presence of interface module
  • Use script utils/ for discovering:
  • interface installed
  • USB devices if USB interface exist
  • serial ports if serial interface exist
  • Use script utils/ for:
  • receiving data from controller
  • sending raw command to controller
  • use TCP network to access to controller
  • For details, see
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