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picoweb 0.5

A very lightweight, memory-efficient async web framework for and its asyncio_micro.

Latest Version: 1.0

picoweb is "micro" web micro-framework (thus, "pico-framework") for radically
unbloated web applications using radically unbloated Python implementation,
MicroPython, .


* Asynchronous from the start, using unbloated asyncio-like library
* Modest memory usage (I would say radically small memory usage, but
so far, trivial web app requires 64K (yes, kilobytes) of heap, which
is much more than I expected).
* Has API affinity with well-known Python web micro-framework(s).

picoweb depends on:

* asyncio_micro for asynchronous networking
* utemplate, for templating
* uorm, for database access (optional, no direct dependency)

picoweb roughly follows API of Flask . Note that this
does not mean "compatibility" with Flask - architecture is quite different,
so there is no talk of that. However, porting efforts are saved from
repeatitive search & replace trials, in other words, when methods do similar
things, they are likely named the same (but they may take slightly different
parameters, return different values, and behave slightly differently).
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picoweb-0.5.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-07-19 2KB