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pinax-theme-foundation 0.2a2

Pinax theme based on Zurb's Foundation

Latest Version: 0.2.3

A Pinax theme + based on Zurb Foundation Foundation is a popular CSS framework that is light weight, but includes all the basics such as; a responsive grid, forms, dialog, navigation tabs, buttons, typography and so on. You can read more about the ideas behind Foundation and how to use it for rapid prototyping in this article.

What’s New

  • Supports the –template for startproject
  • Removed explicit Pinax dependency. Although it will still work with other pinax style apps such as django-user-account


To Use ::
mkvirtualenv mysite pip install Django==1.4.1 startproject –template= mysite cd mysite pip install -r requirements.txt python syncdb && python runserver


You should provide your own “footer” template _footer.html

Also change the Site name by editing fixture/initial_data.json you can also use the Admin app for this purpose. The url name “home” should be defined as the homepage.

Upgrading Previous Version

To upgrade you site start by upgrading to the latest version on pinax-theme-foundation

pip install -- upgrade pinax-theme-foundation

The big change between Foundation 2 to 3 is the grid. In Foundation 3 you no longer have to use .container to define the grid. In Foundation 2 the grid was built around .container > .row > .columns in Foundation 3 you now just have to use .row > .columns. In Foundation 3 padding and borders no longer increase the width of an element, they only go inward so for example in Foundation 3 .three.columns always has a width of 25% with a 15px padding on the left and right. You can find the Foundation 3 migration guide here Remove all max-width from css sytling


See the full documentation for more details.

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