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plantuml_connection 1.0.3


[Plantuml]( is a library for
generating UML diagrams from a simple text markup language.

This is a Python 3 simplified implementation. For Python 2 see:


This is a simple python remote client interface to a
[plantuml]( server using the
same custom encoding used by most other plantuml
[clients]( Python was
missing from the list, and while there are other plantuml python
libraries, like
they require downloading and installing the java executable and spawning
a shell subprocesses.

This client defaults to the public [plantuml server](
but can be used against any server.


pip install git+

PS: At some point this newer version will be uploaded to PyPi, at which point you can do:

pip install plantuml

Or by cloning it locally and running `python install` or `python develop` to
install it on development mode.

###Command line help:

To quick test it, you can run `python all/ test/test.wsd`

To see all the command line options run `python all/ --help`

## Sublime Text Dependency

To use this as a Package Control Dependency create
this `dependencies.json` file on the root of your Package:
"*": {
"*": [

###Project Links:

- [Documentation](
- [PyPi](
- [GitHub](
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