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plaster-pastedeploy 0.4.2

A loader implementing the PasteDeploy syntax to be used by plaster.

plaster_pastedeploy is a plaster plugin that provides a plaster.Loader that can parse ini files according to the standard set by PasteDeploy. It supports the wsgi plaster protocol, implementing the plaster.protocols.IWSGIProtocol interface.


Applications should use plaster_pastedeploy to load settings from named sections in a configuration source (usually a file).

  • Please look at the documentation for plaster on how to integrate this loader into your application.
  • Please look at the documentation for PasteDeploy on the specifics of the supported INI file format.

Most applications will want to use plaster.get_loader(uri, protocols=['wsgi']) to get this loader. It then exposes get_wsgi_app, get_wsgi_app_settings, get_wsgi_filter and get_wsgi_server.

import plaster

loader = plaster.get_loader('development.ini', protocols=['wsgi'])
# to get any section out of the config file
settings = loader.get_settings('app:main')

# to get settings for a WSGI app
app_config = loader.get_wsgi_app_settings()  # defaults to main

# to get an actual WSGI app
app = loader.get_wsgi_app()  # defaults to main

# to get a filter and compose it with an app
filter = loader.get_wsgi_filter('filt')
app = filter(app)

# to get a WSGI server
server = loader.get_wsgi_server()  # defaults to main

# to start the WSGI server

Any plaster.PlasterURL options are forwarded as defaults to the loader. Some examples are below:

  • development.ini#myapp
  • development.ini?http_port=8080#main
  • pastedeploy+ini:///path/to/development.ini
  • pastedeploy+ini://development.ini#foo
  • egg:MyApp?debug=false#foo

Environment Variables

This feature is not supported on Python 2.

This binding extends pastedeploy to inject environ variables as defaults which are available to use in the INI file. Each os.environ key is prefixed with ENV_ and added as a default.

For example:

debug = %(ENV_APP_DEBUG)s

The only thing to be aware of here is that there is no fallback. The INI file will fail to parse if the environment variable is not set. The app may be run like so:

$ APP_DEBUG=true env/bin/pserve development.ini

0.4.2 (2017-11-20)

0.4.1 (2017-07-10)

0.4 (2017-07-09)

  • Fix get_settings for an arbitrary section to follow the same rules as PasteDeploy with regards to the handling of defaults. The goal of this package is to be compliant with PasteDeploy’s format for all sections in the file such that there are no surprising format changes in various sections.

    Supported added for set default_foo = bar and get foo = default_foo syntax to override a default value and to pull a default value into the settings, respectively. In the above example the value foo = bar would be returned. Any other defaults not pulled into the section via either interpolation or the get syntax will be ignored.


  • Inject environment variables into the defaults automatically. These will be available for interpolation as ENV_<foo>. For example if environment variable APP_DEBUG=true then %(ENV_APP_DEBUG)s will work within the ini file. See

  • get_settings and get_wsgi_app_settings both return only the local config now. However, the returned object has a global_conf attribute containing the defaults as well as a loader attribute pointing at the loader instance. See

0.3.2 (2017-07-01)

0.3.1 (2017-06-02)

  • Recognize the pastedeploy+egg scheme as an egg type.

0.3 (2017-06-02)

0.2.1 (2017-03-29)

  • Fix a bug in 0.2 in which an exception was raised for an invalid section if the a non-config-file-based protocol was used.

0.2 (2017-03-29)

  • No longer raise plaster.NoSectionError exceptions. Empty dictionaries are returned for missing sections and a user should check get_sections for the list of valid sections.

0.1 (2017-03-27)

  • Initial release.
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