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platinfo 0.15.0

platinfo: A small library from getting information on the current platform

This module determines and returns standardized names for platforms, where the “standard” is Trent Mick’s reasoning :) from experience building ActivePython on a fairly large number of platforms.

The driving goal is to provide platform names that are:

  • relatively short
  • readable (as much as possible making matching the given name to an actually machine self-explanatory)
  • be capable enough to produce all names needed to distinguish all platform-specific application builds
  • generally safe for usage in filenames
  • not ugly (e.g. “MSWin32” is ugly)

A simple usage example:

>>> from platinfo import PlatInfo
>>> pi = PlatInfo()
>>> pi.os
>>> pi.arch

Currently this has fairly wide OS coverage (Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, OpenBSD).

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