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playmusiccl 0.5.4

Text based command line client for Google Play Music

Latest Version: 0.6.1

A command line client for Google Play Music.

This script requires Simon Weber’s [Google Play Music API]( (currently the `develop` branch is needed to enable Thumbs Up from `Mobileclient`) and if features are desired, [PyLast]( both of which are installed using ``.


Install using `python install` or (easier) `pip install playmusiccl`.

Configuration is done in the `.PlayMusicCL` file stored in the home directory (see example), the `google_user` and `google_device_id` are the minimum required keys for the app to function. Password configs can be omitted and the password requested when the app starts. Omitting the `lastfm_user` config will disable integration.


From a terminal: `playmusiccl`

Once the app is running you will then have access to the following commands:

  • `PLAY` - Pauses or unpauses playback
  • `PAUSE` - Same as `PLAY`
  • `P` - Same as `PLAY`
  • `LIKE` - Loves the current song on and gives it a Thumbs Up on Google Play
  • `LOVE` - Same as `LIKE`
  • `L` - Same as `LIKE`
  • `EXIT` - Exits
  • `NOW` - Shows the title and artist of the currently playing song.
  • `[return]` - Same as `NOW`
  • `NEXT (n)` - Plays the nth song after the current song (n has no effect in random play mode, n can also be negative to skip back through tracks)
  • `N` - Plays next track
  • `PMODE [random/linear] [repeat/no repeat]` - Specifies play options, if you have used any other media player they should be self explanatory
  • `LIST (pn)` - Shows a list of all artists
  • `LIST (pn) PLIST` - Shows a lit of all user playlists
  • `LIST (pn) PLIST [playlist]` - Shows all songs in specified user playlist
  • `LIST (pn) [artist]` - Shows all albums by specifies artist (including albums they appear on)
  • `LIST (pn) [artist] [album]` - Shows all songs in specified album by specified artist
  • `QUEUE (pn)` - Show songs currently in the queue (in the order they are to be played)
  • `QUEUE PLIST [playlist]` - Add all songs from specified user playlist to queue
  • `QUEUE [artist]` - Adds all songs by specified artist to queue
  • `QUEUE [artist] [album]` - Adds all songs by specified album to queue
  • `QUEUE [artist] [album] [song]` - Adds specified song to queue
  • `CLEARQUEUE` - Stops playback and removes all songs from the queue
  • `PAM` - “Play Awesome Music”: clears queue, queues “Thumbs Up” playlist, sets random playback and plays

Note that `n` and `pn` are optional parameters and both default to 1, `pn` denotes the number of the page to display.

Commands themselves are case insensitive, however artist, album, track and playlist names are case sensitive and must have correct spacing.

Command Examples

To see all albums by Eluvietie: `list Eluveitie`

To see all tracks in Spirit by Eluveitie: `list Eluveitie Spirit`

To add “…Of Fire, Wind and Wisdom” (in album Spirit) by Eluveitie to the queue: `queue Eluveitie Spirit "...Of Fire, Wind and Wisdom"`

To see all playlists: `list plist`

To see all tracks in playlist “Symphonic Metal”: `list plist "Symphonic Metal"`

To add all tracks from playlist “Symphonic Metal” to queue: `queue plist "Symphonic Metal"`

Planned Features

  • Autocomplete, history and conventional “shell like” scrolling
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