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plip 1.3.0

PLIP - Fully automated protein-ligand interaction profiler

Protein-Ligand Interaction Profiler (PLIP) - Analyze non-covalent protein-ligand interactions in 3D structures


The latest commits may contain newer, but untested features. The last version marked as release is always stable.


Previous to the installation of PLIP, make sure you have the following tools and libraries installed: * Python 2.x * OpenBabel >=2.3.2 * PyMOL 1.7.x with Python bindings * pip (Python package managaer) * Imagemagick (optional, needed for automatic cropping of images)

To install PLIP, simply run the following command using a terminal > python install

Code Contributions

Sebastian Salentin sebastian.salentin (at)

Joachim Haupt joachim.haupt (at)

Melissa F. Adasme Mora melissa.adasme (at) (Testing and Validation)

PLIP Web Server

Visit our PLIP Web Server on

Contact Me

Questions or comments about PLIP? Write me an email to sebastian.salentin (at)

Citation Information

If you are using PLIP in your work, please cite > Salentin,S. et al. PLIP: fully automated protein-ligand interaction profiler. > Nucl. Acids Res. (1 July 2015) 43 (W1): W443-W447. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv315

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