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Robot Framework testing resources for Plone provides Robot Framework compatible resources and tools for writing functional Selenium tests (including acceptance tests) for Plone CMS and its add-ons.

Please read the full documentation at Plone Developer Documentation.


  • Anatoly Bubenkov
  • Asko Soukka
  • Benoît Suttor
  • Carles Bruguera
  • Chris Ewing
  • Chris Shenton
  • Daniel Widerin
  • Ed Manlove
  • Eric Brehault
  • Esa-Matti Suuronen
  • Fulvio Casali
  • Godefroid Chapelle, Original Author
  • Hector Velarde
  • Jean-Michel Francois
  • Johan Beyers
  • Johannes Raggam
  • Jonas Baumann
  • Kees Hink
  • Laure Perez Mayos
  • Leo Rochael
  • Mikko Ohtamaa
  • Roman Kozlovskyi
  • Silvio Tomatis
  • Steffen Lindner
  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Victor Fernandez de Alba
  • zotya


0.9.1 (2014-04-16)

  • Fix robot-server debug-mode support to work also in code reloading mode [datakurre]

0.9.0 (2014-04-13)

  • Add a new command-line option for robot-server to start Zope in debug-mode (useage: bin/robot-server -d or bin/robot-server --debug-mode) [datakurre]
  • Change robot LISTENER_PORT (used in communication between bin/robot-server and bin/robot via robotframework) to default port 49999 instead of 10001 [datakurre]
  • Add SELENIUM_RUN_ON_FAILURE-variable into resource file plone/app/robotframewor/selenium.robot to support custom keyword be called at the first failing step (defaults to Capture Page Screenshot, but can be changed to ease debugging)
  • Refactor Debug keyword in plone/app/robotframwork/keywords.robot to to support both DebugLibrary and Dialogs-library and finally fallback to pdb REPL.
  • Add new script bin/robot-debug as a shortcut to run robot with variable SELENIUM_RUN_ON_FAILURE=Debug [datakurre]
  • Fix MOCK_MAILHOST_FIXTURE's teardown to don't crash on missing portal._original_mailhost attribute because of wrong layer order [thet]

0.8.5 (2014-04-02)

  • Add 'Get total amount of sent emails'-keyword into MockMailHost remote library [datakurre]

0.8.4 (2014-03-31)

  • Fix regression in PloneRobotFixture (used in documentation screenshots) [datakurre]

0.8.3 (2014-03-04)

  • Fix 'title'-keyword argument to be optional for Create content -keyword [datakurre]

0.8.2 (2014-02-17)

  • Move robotframework-debuglibrary into its own extras to not require it by default and to restore compatibility with robotframework < 2.8. Note: Debug-keywords now requires either that is required with [debug] extras or that robotframework-debuglibrary is requires explicitly. [datakurre]

0.8.1 (2014-02-13)

  • Fix debug-keyword to load DebugLibrary lazily to not require readline until its really required [fixes #20] [datakurre]

0.8.0 (2014-02-13)

  • Add Debug-keyword by adding dependency on robotframework-debuglibrary and automatically include it in keywords.robot. [datakurre]

0.7.5 (2014-02-11)

  • Fix crete content keyword to support schema.Object-fields (e.g. RichText) [datakurre]
  • Fix support of passing list variables from environment into PloneRobotFixture [datakurre]

0.7.4 (2014-02-11)

  • Add 'Delete content' keyword for content remote library [datakurre]

0.7.3 (2014-02-09)

  • Allow to custom open browser keyword in server.robot [datakurre]

0.7.2 (2014-02-09)

  • Add support for registering translations directly from docs for screenshots [datakurre]

0.7.1 (2014-02-08)

  • Add ignored Sphinx-directives to pybot to make it easier to run pybot agains Sphinx documentation [datakurre]
  • Update libdoc-generated documentations [datakurre]

0.7.0 (2014-02-08)

  • Fix kwargs support for robotframework >= 2.8.3 [fixes #17] [datakurre]
  • Add path_to_uid method to content library. [tisto]
  • Add content library container tests for documentation. [tisto]
  • The title attribute for Dexterity types needs to be unicode. [tisto]
  • Add field type reference (only intid support for now). [tisto]
  • Add file/image support to set_field_value method/keyword. [tisto]
  • Add support for list type. [tisto]
  • Support setting RichText (Dexterity only). [tisto]
  • Call reindexObject after setting a field value so the object is updated in the catalog as well. [tisto]
  • Add new set_field_value keyword that allows to set the field type explicitly. [tisto]
  • Fix use object_rename view instead of pop-up for rename content title [Gagaro]
  • Fix use "a" instead of "span" for Open User Menu [Gagaro]
  • Fix rename content title [Gagaro]

0.7.0rc4 (2013-11-13)

  • Add support for path as container argument value in Create content -keyword [datakurre]

0.7.0rc3 (2013-11-12)

  • Drop dependency on plone.api [datakurre]

0.7.0rc2 (2013-11-12)

  • Fix backwards compatibility with robotframework 1.7.7 [datakurre]

0.7.0rc1 (2013-11-10)

This is Arnhem Sprint preview release of 0.7.0.

  • Refactor and clean; Rename 'Do transition' to 'Fire transition'; Split 'PloneAPI' RemoteLibrary into 'Content' and 'Users' libraries [datakurre]
  • Add 'Pause'-keyword [datakurre]
  • Cleanup Zope2ServerRemote-library keywords [datakurre]
  • Add I18N, MockMailHost, PortalSetup and PloneAPI -keywords from c.usermanual [datakurre]
  • Rename RemoteServer-keyword library into Zope2ServerRemote and provide a shortcut import [datakurre]
  • Fix to support explicit layers with zodb_setup and zodb_teardown calls, because sometime the layers is not available (because of different server library instance); Add remote library for zodb_setup and zodb_teardown keywords [datakurre]
  • Rename PloneRobotSandboxLayer into PloneRobotFixture, because it's only usable as it is [datakurre]
  • Drop LiveSearch-layer (it was CMFPlone-specific); Add MockMailHostlayer; Add robot configurable PloneRobotSandboxLayer [datakurre]
  • Refactor to use python only for environment variables and define other variables in robot to support robot variable overrides [datakurre]
  • Deprecate annotate-library in favor of Selenium2Screenshots-library [datakurre]
  • Remove moved CMFPlone-tests [datakurre]
  • Use robotframework 2.8.1 [datakurre]
  • Fix to tell in 'robot-server' help how to enable code-reloading support [fixes #13] [datakurre]
  • Add entry point for robot.libdoc [Benoît Suttor]
  • Return location to reference new content [Benoît Suttor]
  • Refactor add content keywords [Benoît Suttor]
  • Explain stop keyword from debugging library [Benoît Suttor]

0.6.4 (2013-08-19)

  • Better support for Login/Logout on multilingual sites by not relying on 'Log in' and 'Log out' on these pages. Check css locators instead. [saily]

0.6.3 (2013-06-28)

  • ZSERVER_PORT, ZOPE_HOST and ZOPE_PORT environment variables are supported. [gotcha]
  • Make robot-server show logging messages. [gotcha]

0.6.2 (2013-06-19)

  • Remove the default selenium-version (SELENIUM_VERSION-variable) set for sessions Sauce Labs to fix issues with mobile browser testing (selenium-version must not be set when testing mobile browsers) [datakurre]
  • Documentation updates [gotcha, datakurre]
  • Add Capture viewport screenshot into annotate.robot keywords library [datakurre]
  • Fix Speak-keyword to use jQuery instead of jq [datakurre]

0.6.1 (2013-05-16)

  • Fix Click Action by keyword. on Sunburst Theme the action id is #plone-contentmenu-actions-${name} [JeanMichel FRANCOIS]
  • Enhance Server-library to support carefully designed additional layers (appended after the main layer) [datakurre]
  • Documentatio updates [ebrehault, Fulvio Casali, saily]

0.6.0 (2013-04-30)

  • Add verbose console outout for robot-server for test setup and teardown [datakurre]
  • Documentation update [datakurre, Silvio Tomatis]
  • Merge pull request #2 from silviot/patch-1
  • Add Element should become visible keyword [datakurre]

0.5.0 (2013-04-09)

  • Add Align elements horizontally annotation keyword.

0.4.4 (2013-04-09)

  • Fix image cropping math.

0.4.3 (2013-04-08)

  • Fix the default Selenium timeout to be 30s instead of 10s, because defaults need to be safe at first and only then optimal.

0.4.2 (2013-04-08)

  • Use Capture and crop page screenshot keyword in screencast example; Try more transparent annotation pointer

0.4.1 (2013-04-08)

  • Rename Add dot to Add pointer and Add numbered dot to Add dot; Available annotations keywords are now Add pointer, Add dot and Add note.

0.4.0 (2013-04-08)

  • Moved speak.js into collective.js.speakjs.
  • Add note positions. Add numbered dot
  • Tune old annotation keywords.

0.3.0 (2013-04-07)

  • Add annotation library with dot and note
  • Add image cropping keyword into annotation library
  • Restore pybot-entrypoint (it's needed for screenshot-usecase)

0.2.5 (2013-04-05)

  • PLOG2013 development release.
  • Fix Sauce Labs -library to work without tunnel identifier

0.2.4 (2013-04-04)

  • PLOG2013 development release.

0.2.3 (2013-04-04)

  • PLOG2013 development release.
  • Define dedicated re-usable AUTOLOGIN_ROBOT_FIXTURE
  • Drop BBB for plone.act
  • Drop entrypoints for pure pybot and rebot to make it easier to use them pure without extra dependencies by installing robotentrypoints-package

0.1.0 (2013-04-03)

  • PLOG2013 development release.
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